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Why Blog?

Posted by Anthony Odole on August 1, 2008

Now that I’ve worked on so many projects deploying and developing on the SharePoint Platform, it is time  share what I know and what I’ve learnt; time to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint Platform. In the hand of a developer who understands the intricacies and complexities of this product, SharePoint is a very powerful tool to rapidly deploy cutting edge solutions — like we have never seen in a very long time. Having said that,  understanding sharepoint is another issue entirely. One project after the other,  there are days when you wonder why the product is not working as expected, why one access or permission issue is giving you such a headache, or  worse still, why is one or the other custom list not functioning as expected; Well, it alls boils down to one thing — the more you become comfortable with SharePoint, the more you appreciate this next generation tool as a complete paradigm shift of how applications will be developed in the future. In this blog, I will be discuss very serious topics, provide quick insights, and address how I solve an issue or error — only if it gives me more than five minutes of headache. In addition to documenting these issues so that I can reuse these in the future, I hope will help on their project.


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