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How to Configure Shared Service Provider and MySite

Posted by Anthony Odole on February 13, 2009

In this posting, I will walk you through how to create Shared Services provider, how to create and configure my site, and how to correct the common – but important – issue of using the same URL for both MySite and the Default site on Port 80. If you create a different web application for MySite, you will notice that your users can only access my site using a URL with port number (kind of ugly), but more significant is the need to avoid storing SSP and MySite data on the same database. Using same content database prevents you from backing up MySite independent of the Shared Services provider database. SharePoint 2007 borrowed the idea of SSP from earlier version, but has enhanced the architecture to enable and allow scaling Shared Services across multiple web applications.

How to Create an SSP:

Step 1: Go to the Shared Services Administration page.


Step 2: In this case, we are creating two web applications – one for MySite and the other Shared Services Provider. Note that by default, the two are created under the same web application. I’ll recommend you use separate application pools.


  1. Create a new account for Shared Services Application Pool



2 b. Create web application for Shared Services Provider



  1. C. Now that an application has been created for SSP1, select this application for Shared Services and then create another web application for MySite. Create an account for the application pool that you plan to use for MySite Web Application




So, now you have two web applications – one for Shared Services, and the other for MySite; let’s create a third account for Shared Services Credentials



With two web applications, and the account for shared services credentials, we are ready to create Shared Services Provider:



Ok, if everything works as expected, you should have the screen below showing all shared services configured successfully


Before we reconfigure the MySite location, we need to enable self-service creation. Without enabling self service, clicking on my site will generate the following error message: “Your personal site cannot be created because Self-Service Site Creation is not enabled. Contact your site administrator for more information

It is important to also note that you cannot configure site creation if there is no site collection at the root of the web application. Enabling site creation without a site collection at the root will generate the following error message: “Cannot enable site creation because there is no site collection at “/” on the Web application.

So, to turn on Self-service creation, you need to follow these steps:

1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.

2. On the Central Administration home page, on the top navigation bar, click the Application Management tab.

3. On the Application Management page, under the Application Security section, click the Self-service site management link.

4. On the Self-Service Site Management page, select the web application for mysite from the Web Application drop-down list,

5. Select “On” option


Here is the issue: The default site is located at http://yourDomain, but MySite is located at http://yourDomain:5552/personal/<unserName>/default.aspx. The preferred deployment scenario is where users will browse your main site with http://yourDomain, and browse mysite using http://yourDomain/personal/<unserName>/default.aspx. Notice there is no port number in the url for MySite.

To address this issue, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the main application, that is the http://yourDomain application, create two managed path: one Explicit inclusion for path “MySite”; the second one a wildcard inclusion for path “personal”

Step 2: Create a new site collection using the MySite Host template. Now you should have the correct URL.


** About the Author: Anthony Odole is a Senior Solution Architect with IBM Global Services. He is a SharePoint Subject Matter Expert. You can reach him at




9 Responses to “How to Configure Shared Service Provider and MySite”

  1. Mike said

    Hi Anthony,

    From the Manage this Farms Share Services page, where do you go to begin adding a New User? Thank you.


  2. Anthony Odole said


    Follow these steps to add new users.

    1. Go to SITE ACTION, then to site settings
    2. Click on People and Groups UNDER Users and Permission
    3. Add your new users

    Please note: Members of this group have full access to all settings in the farm. They can also take ownership of any content site.

    Finally, remember this is a site just like any other ones you have created. The procedure for adding and granting permissions to a user is the same.

    As a side note, adding a user will grant a user access to all settings on the farm, but this does not mean the user will have access to everything under Shared Services. If you create your first shared services and name it SS1. In addition to adding a user to the farm administrators as explained above, you need to also go to the specific shared services administration page. In this case, you will go to the admin page of SS1 and here you can grant specific access to manage audiences, manager user profiles, and so on. For example, to grant a user permission to manage audiences or to manage user profiles:

    1. Go to the administration page for SS1,
    2. Under “user profiles and my site” click on “Personalization services permission”.
    3. add the New User.
    4. Note that you can also configure access level for that user on this same page

    I hope it is clear now.Free free to send me an email if you have any other question, or you can post back here.



  3. Terry Brothers said

    Hi Anthony,
    Great post … Thanks!

    I have 2 questions.

    “Go to the main application, that is the http://yourDomain application”
    Does this refer to the MySite web app that was just created?

    “Create a new site collection using the MySite Host template”
    Again – Do I create the new site collection under the MySite web app that was just created?


  4. Ria said

    I jst want to know that as we cannot have more than one active My Site Host on a single SSP, but we can create as many my Site Hosts on a single SSP as we want (we want to set at least one of them as the current My Site Host); so what can be the use of having more than one My Site hosts in a single SSP and on single or multiple web apps inside the SSP. Can it help us in some way for the scalability of My Sites in an environment where 150,000 users will be using the system?

  5. Ben Brown said


    If we have already set up My Sites (on port 8080), is there a way of changing the url to remove the port number? If not is there a way to allow users to post links from their My Sites to the main application (port 80) with out SharePoint adding port 8080 on to the address, which causes a 404 error?

    Thanks for any help.


  6. Vandana said

    Why am I getting the user profile in SSP even though there is no profile import from AD. It happens only when I click on mysite link.

  7. Martin said

    Hi, you entered a password when creating the user ‘SSPSvc’, but you didn’t enter the password for this user when creating the SSP. Is there any special reason ? 😉

    btw: nice work, but I still didnt’t manage to create the SSP successfully 😦


  8. Shnat said


    My question is how would I add my LDAP directory users to Mysite or into “Users Profiles and Properties”. It’s a single server installation and I have not deployed AD in my staging server. I wanted to deploy MOSS without AD as an experiment and it works fine. People picker will only select users from the “local users and groups” but SSP search crawls users from LDAP. Also, it imports the users from LDAP which is viewable in the logs. But the same users are not picked up even while creating “Audience”.


  9. Fabian said

    I have an application with its site collection. And i need to use my users those are in a ldap services in other server.
    I extended tha application and created a shared services and connected it with the server.
    But i can’t make the connection between the shared services and the the application. can you help me?
    I’m using MOSS 2007

    Sorry for my english 😛

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